L.I.A.C.B.S. Annual Dinner & Model Show, March 11, 2023

This is an annual event that takes place at the Historic & Active Argyle Hose Company #3 in Babylon, NY, thanks to the Almond family. Robert Almond our club member and also an active member of the Fire Department works to get this venue for our Chapter each year. Laura & Chris Almond worked on choosing and ordering the wonderful selection of food & beverages from the Southdown Deli. Members brought desserts to top off the event. And then there were the models….wow, quite an interesting selection and variation!!! Thank you to all members who participated in this event to make it a wonderful evening for all!

Fun and camaraderie, that’s what our Chapter is all about!
And then there were some Awards……
Jan Lowry presented Laura Almond with a plaque for her service for Secretary (and for all the other things she did & continues to do) from 2018 through 2022. Laura is now corresponding Secretary.
Bob Williams was presented with an award for “Steering our Ship” as President (and reforming our Chapter) from 2018-2022. Bob will still remain Treasurer.
Chris Almond, President, Bob Williams former President & Treasurer.
This was a stunning model!

Bill Roes engines….works of art!

AND a miniature boat show!!!!!!

A battery powered outboard motor drink mixer in a Lyman beer glass!
Matt Kleisler with his handmade yacht!

L.I.A.C.B.S. Show & Tell/Workshop February 4, 2023, Featuring Outboard Motor Maintenance.

Held by Chris Almond at his shop in Babylon

It was a chilly 20 degrees outside but warm inside the workshop! Among the Eltros on land, there was a sighting of another land yacht in the driveway, a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker! What a beauty!

Chris informed the group of the many aspects required for routine maintenance on his vintage Johnson outboard. It was fascinating! Sandy Scupper Tail, the group mascot donned her winter coat and was there to monitor the workshop!

Above right is the flywheel pulling tool, equipped with optional lift ring used to pull the flywheel to access the points & coils.

Above is what is seen with the flywheel removed, and Chris also showed us the specific marks that require proper alignment for timing the engine.

Above left is the tool utilized to turn the crankshaft for aligning the points in proper position with relation to timing, and on the right is the tool utilized to align the air gaps for the coils perfectly.

Above left Chris is demonstrating setting the point setting gap using an ohm meter, as per the OEM specs. The lower unit was also removed to show water pump service, photo on the right. Many times the bearing will need to be replaced and requires the use of a puller and sometimes when stubborn, heat!

A great time was had by all, and thank you Chris for hosting such a great workshop!

L.I.A.C.B.S. Show & Tell/Workshop January 21, 2023, Featuring Butt Block replacement.

Held by Bob Williams at Weeks Yacht Yard, Patchogue on “Moonglow”

It was a chilly winter Saturday, but that didn’t stop the enthusiasts from coming to this informative hands on show and tell workshop! It was fascinating to see the design and construction methods that make up the vintage Egg Harbor cruiser. Bob showed us not only the overall design, but how to recognize butt blocks that need attention, tools utilized, how he made replacement units and all that is involved for the install. It was a wonderful learning experience for all who attended! THANK YOU Bob!

Above, Moonglow is blocked safely on the rail hauling system, and access to the butt blocks that need attention is displayed. Side planking is removed for access.

Above shows the position (between the ribs) of the butt block and the purpose in construction, to join the external planks together. Original and replacement blocks.

Above is what the butt block looks like from inside the hull and how it is fastened. In addition, Bob explained about the use of cotton and the irons used to position and set it between the exterior planking.

And…here is our brave group of 8 (I’m taking the picture) bundled in layers to learn about this repair aspect of an all wood Egg Harbor!


Annual Christmas Holiday Boat Parade on the Patchogue River, November 2022!!!

Only the die hard boaters brave the elements and participate in this event, namely our future President, Chris Almond! Laura & Bob Almond did a fabulous job decorating their Silverton cruiser, “Adiago” which was drawing plenty of attention at the dock! Chris was piloting “Second Chance” up the Patchogue River fully decked out! There was even a pig on the front deck who was doing a dance!!! One of our members thinks this may mean bacon at every meeting in 2023!

East End Classic Boat Society Shop Tour, November 5, 2022

It was a wonderful fall day for a cruise out to the east end, whether you took the road all the way out, or went via Shelter Island Ferry! We thank Pierce Hance (EECBS) and Stan Strubel (Past President ACBS National) for putting this event together and having our group as guests! There were many projects going on upstairs & downstairs in the shop, and volunteers were plentiful and cordially supplied us with information for what they were working on and the methods to accomplish it! What a great group of folks and a wonderful organization. Their shop is located behind the East Hampton Maritime Museum.

Front of Shop

Inside of shop

Volunteer showing how masts are constructed

Basement of shop! AND the East Hampton Maritime Museum Building in front of the workshop

A project that now has power and a donation arrives as volunteers help to move it.

Boat Storage Shed and Pierce Hance, Jan Lowry and Stan Strubel

Oyster Fest, Bayshore Marina October 9, 2022

It was a beautiful fall day for this first time festival! Ralph Corsini cordially invited our Chapter to be guests at this event he headed up for the local Bay Men. There was a lot to keep your attention at this event besides eating Oysters of various types!

The Pirates had their tent set up and were making the rounds and shooting off their cannons!

Many different types of Oysters prepared under those tents!

A zip line was available for those daring enough to try it, and live music!

An antique Bi-Plane fly over….visitors from the Bayport Aerodrome!

Members, Rob, and Matt manning the Chapter information table while Jan was taking the photo!

Chris hard at work cleaning up the star of the show, “Stormy C” his 1968 Eltro!

Many thanks to Ralph, who invited our Chapter to participate in this event!

Thank you to those members who also took the time and effort to make this afternoon gathering most enjoyable!


ACBS National Show, Burlington, VT September 5-10

This was quite an event from start to finish! Lake Champlain has spectacular views! from land and on water! Over 120 boats were on display in water! Sisters Jen and Jan along with their spouses and President Bob & First Lady, Judy had a great time!

From the welcome reception to various tours by land & sea, it was a great event with wonderful people!

“Miss Moxie”, Jen & Larry’s 1966 Century Resorter won a Platinum award AND Best Century!

Vice President, Jan took a little detour to Cooperstown, NY on the way up and did some shopping….not at those fancy tourist or clothing stores though!!!

A rendezvous with the New England Lyman Group…..

This sign says it all, don’t you think?


Monthly Meeting Tuesday June 14, 2022 @ Moonglow in Patchogue, NY

Prior to the start of the meeting, First Lady, Judy gave lessons on getting in and out of a kayak, and paddling as well as guiding the members in attendance on a tour up the scenic Patchogue River! The entering and exiting of the kayaks was facilitated with ease by a kayak launcher/stabilizer that President Bob Williams made which fastened to the swim platform of Moonglow! It was great weather and all in attendance had a wonderful time! Thank you Bob & Judy for making this meeting so special!


U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 22-7 Maritime Day and Blessing of the Fleet, June 11, 2022 Northport Harbor, Northport, NY

It was a GREAT day for this Annual Celebration!!! Thank you to all who attended and helped out to make our Chapter display a success!! The boats and additional nautical displays were a huge attraction for spectators!! Thank you for inviting us to be part of the event, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 22-7, and thank you for your service and protection!!!

What a wonderful band!!!!! Great group of people!!!!


Annual Dinner and Model Boat Show, March 12, 2022 at the Historic and Active Argyle Hose Co. #3 Firehouse in Babylon, NY

Thanks to club member Robert Almond for allowing our group to have this event at this wonderful firehouse where he is a member. Many thanks to Laura Almond, Secretary  for organizing the event, and ordering the delicious food that was enjoyed by all! Thanks to Bob Williams, President for bringing cooler loads of beverages and all the supplies for making coffee. And thanks to all the members who brought desserts and helped to make it an enjoyable event!

Our Guest Speaker, Chris Hale did a wonderful presentation of boat hull design and explained about the evolution of different hull configurations shown in all of his own hand constructed half models! What knowledge and talent! Thank you for sharing, Chris!

So many of his hand crafted half models, and they were really exquisite!

Pictured below are members models on display. Notice that unique “Gravy” boat!!!

Our President and First Lady!

Members having a good time!

Lots of stories shared & great camaraderie!

Thanks to Nancy Solomon from Long Island Traditions for attending and showing her new book, “Boat Builders and Boat Yards of Long Island” with pictures and information focusing on Long Islands rich Maritime History!


Winterizing Demonstration hosted by President, Bob Williams on his Egg Harbor, “Moonglow”, December 5, 2021

It was a beautiful morning for this event, so nice it was hard to resist taking Moonglow for one last cruise! Bob explained & demonstrated what is required for properly winterizing the inboard engines on his vintage Egg Harbor. All who attended had a wonderful time & were treated to hot beverages & donuts afterwards.

Note…….another classic in the background, member Matt Kleislers’ 23′ Croatian Built double ended wood sailboat, “Valhalla”.


Above is the first video clip on the live demonstration!




Several more short video clips above!

Engine #1 finished, onto #2 !!!

Lots of learning & camaraderie at this event!

Engine #2 finished! Thanks Bob for a GREAT event!


Eltro “Show & Tell” hosted by member, Ralph Corsini, November 6, 2021

Many thanks to member, Ralph Corsini for volunteering and hosting a “show & tell” venue at his home. Members were treated to coffee and bagels which was needed for energy on this hour and a half tour!

Ralph is an Eltro enthusiast, and got his first Eltro when he was 22 years old. He has a nice collection of these seldom seen boats, which were originally built in Islip, NY. The last Eltro was built in the early 1980’s, but with Ralph’s thought & ingenuity, Eltros may emerge again! How? Ralph was fortunate enough to purchase one of the original Eltro molds back in 2012.

Members toured his two main workshops where they viewed all the different machinery and tools required for both wood and metal working. One of the Eltros is a 1964 that’s equipped with an I/O, pictured below. This Eltro needs cosmetic topside stripping & varnishing along with sanding & painting on the hull side to preserve and bring it back to its former glory.

Ralph was thinking that if a group of folks from the chapter that have the time and knowledge to work on this boat, the possibilities of some type of donation to the chapter could be given back in return for their efforts. Naturally, there would be logistics to be set in place, but I wanted to share this with our membership. Ralph’s contact information is listed in the National ACBS directory.

Weeks Yacht Yard Tour & Dinner, Patchogue, NY October 16, 2021

This was a wonderful event, hosted by Kevin Weeks. Kevin took our group on a tour through the various historic buildings on the property which housed an array of vintage and antique boats, equipment and machinery! A lot of the work is still performed in the traditional way that Kevin’s Father & Grandfather did back when they ran the yard! A catered dinner was enjoyed by all after the tour was finished.

The photo above shows one of the original Weeks Skiffs that were built by the Weeks family. Kevin displayed the original brochure for these skiffs as well as other vintage literature and boat racing trophies won by his Grandfather!

The history of the boats and tools was an amazing and rare sight to see!

There were vintage and antique wood boats as far as the eyes could see! It was a beautiful sight to behold!

The photo above shows how these large classics are moved around using the traditional methods!

There were even antiques and classics in the water!

Here is a rare sighting of a fiberglass Catamarine, made by American Marc owned by our President Bob Williams, undergoing restoration. The Marc is surrounded by a Pacemaker, Matthews, and two Herreshoff sailboats!

Now it’s time to sit, relax and enjoy a wonderful catered dinner!

Everyone was greeted and welcomed by Kevin’s dog who patrols the shop and yard!

There was even a Birthday celebration for our Events Chairperson! Notice the cake even has her 1966 Century, “Miss Moxie” pictured!

Keels & Wheels Show with the Back in Time Cruisers June 27, 2021

Five Guys Burgers, 601 Vets Hwy., Hauppauge, NY

Thanks to member Bob Warnke for inviting our Chapter to participate in the Back in Time Cruisers Car Show!! It was a great day and a big thank you to Bob Almond for bringing “Second Chance” our Chapter Ambassador! It was greatly appreciated, and thanks to Jen Chernow for bringing her very colorful and vintage wood water ski display and antique Evinrude engine. Thanks to all who stopped by to lend a helping hand!

Pictured below, Bob Warnke who made this event possible! Thank you Bob!!

Cars of all eras, makes & models graced the show area!

Star of the show !!! Second Chance in all her Glory!!

President, Bob Williams and First Lady Judy

Even the semi-retired “Miss Cypress Gardens” made an appearance!!

Jan Lowry, Vice President with her sister, Jen Chernow


Saturday May 22, 2021 Open house at the Walz Family Saw Mill in St. James, NY

Our Chapter was invited to this open house along with the Model A and early Ford V8 clubs. A fun time was had by all! Our hosts, Karl Walz Sr., Karl Walz Jr., and Tim Walz demonstrated their equipment and everyone was treated to two hero sandwiches with drinks!

The LUCAS Mill operated by Tim Walz, and below, the blade from the mill and the type of cuts it can produce.

Tim Walz operating the Norwood Band Saw

Karl Walz Sr. explaining the operation of the Woods Kinetic log splitter

L to R Karl Walz Jr., Karl Walz Sr., & Tim Walz demonstrating the operation of the Hydraulic log splitter

Club members enjoying the sites!

The Cougar Club was also represented! Yes, these sisters both own Cougars as well as their vintage boats!


Long Island Chapter ACBS Brunch, October 18, 2020 at the Parlor House Grille in Sayville, NY

Thanks to Bob Williams for coordinating and the Parlor House Grille for accommodating us following the local Covid guidelines, we were able to gather for our annual brunch which was enjoyed by all who attended! It was great to get out & see friends again!

Annual Dinner & Model Boat Show, March 7, 2020

A great time was had by all who attended! Our event was held at the Argyle Hose Co. #3 in Babylon, NY, thanks to member, Robert Almond. Many thanks to our Secretary, Laura Almond for ordering the wonderful selection of food for this event and organizing it. Thanks to our President Bob Williams who brought the drinks & coffee, and to all who brought desserts and helped to make this event a most enjoyable one for all.

The Argyle Hose Co. #3 is a historic building with a rich history!

Nice fleet of boats for the model show arrived! All shapes, sizes, materials and means of power!

There was even a vintage engine block showing the result of a mechanical breakdown due to various reasons!

MANY THANKS to member, Ralph Corsini for donating this vintage Fire Fighter boat model for our Chapter to raffle off at an upcoming event! This is a vintage, limited production model!

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, “Eagle”

AND the winner of our Model Boat Show is member, Bob Warnke with his vintage Chris Craft Super Sport, a very large and beautifully detailed model!!!

THANK you for all who brought models, it really made the evening interesting!


2019 International Boat Show by ACBS in Alexandria Bay, NY

                                          Congratulations to our winners!


               September 7, 2019…………11:00AM BRUNCH !!!!!

                                                   Parlor House Grill

                                                 298 West Main Street

                                                  Sayville, NY 11782

                                                      631 438 0733


Our original plan to have an in-water Rendezvous at Watch Hill on Fire Island quickly changed when we learned that the restaurant had a fire just days before. Thankfully President, Bob Williams was able to have his friends at Parlor House Grill accommodate us on short notice! A good time was had by all!

The Chapter President’s award was presented to Jan Lowry & Laura Almond, but if it were not for everyone’s help in the Chapter, we would not be a success, so THANK YOU to all Chapter members, friends & family who help out !!!


Chapter Raft-up July 13, 2019 South Shore……..

Connetquot River….. weather was perfect…hot & sunny, a GREAT time was had by all ! Small in number, but big in fun !


Jan Lowry arrived at 6:30 on the windy morning of May 19 to begin setting up the ACBS Long Island Chapter’s display for the Huntington Waterfront Festival. Before anyone else could
arrive, this dynamo of a woman had the tent, tables and signs up! Laura & Chris Almond arrived with “Second Chance” the ACBS restored 1968, 16’ Eltro Mahogany Plywood Run-about, which is now owned by Chris, and continued the set up. Lastly, Barbara Mead and her son Geoffrey brought several of the Mead collection of antique engines to round out the display.
The Huntington Waterfront Festival is the final event of Safe Boating Week. It is a nautically themed (and other themes as well) fair with boat dealers displaying new & used boats, boating
equipment, safety gear, nautical antiques, crafts, home décor, art, paddleboards, layaks, fishing gear, information about nautically related clubs and music, food and adult beverages.
“Second Chance” was a huge hit with the crowd and the people who ran the event, especially since she is a locally made boat. They had an escort to their place by the ball field. Over the
winter, Chris did a complete sand and repaint on her, had club member Ernie Perry make new, white cushions with red piping, had her name done in gold leaf, overhauled her engine and
made her shine so brightly that people constantly tapped on the hull and asked if it was fiberglass! People came by and with huge smiles, and sometimes tears, told us of their own memories with boats like her. The antique engines always draw huge attention – you never see those kinds of designs on modern engines – they are works of art. People are fascinated by them and Barbara always has information and answers to their questions. Huge thanks to the Meads for bringing them.
We had a very long but profitable day – we brought three (3) new members on board, very exciting. One member has young sons, so we are even more excited at that prospect.

-Laura Almond, Secretary LIACBS

A Big “Thank You” to our members who participated in the Huntington Waterfront Festival and made this event a success for our Chapter! We had the best vintage nautical display there!! A windy but rain free day!


Dinner Model Show & Guest Speakers at the L.I. Maritime Museum

February 23, 2019

A most enjoyable evening was had by all who attended this event, which started at 6PM. The event was held in the Museum Library, where we were surrounded with artifacts, trophies, and historic maritime books! The model show was held in the main lobby area of the museum, just a short walk from the library. Great food, friends, presentations & boat models! THANK YOU to all who helped make this event possible, and successful. More to come……

Terry Lister-Blitman, Museum Director gave a very educational & comprehensive slide presentation on the Long Island Maritime Museum History and it’s current projects.

Local volunteers from the America’s Vet Dogs gave a very interesting slide show presentation on their organization. One of the most famous dogs from their group is “Sully” former service dog to President Bush. Sully now serves in Walter Reed Hospital. There was even a young “trainee” present!

AND the models….lots of beautiful and most unique ones ! TWO tables filled !!! Thank you to all who participated!

Bob Williams model was a ship in a bottle….his Egg Harbor in a Makers Mark bottle !!! Hand crafted !!

Matt Kleisler hand constructed a 1/2 scale model of a Pram that he intends to create a full size boat from this spring!


Varnish Workshop, January 27, 2019 Presented by Chris  Almond on his Eltro!

Thanks to the Almond family, a very successful and educational Varnish workshop was held for our Chapter in their heated garage with snacks! President Bob Williams brought a cooler with beverages for all to enjoy. Chris Almond explained in detail his step by step methods on how he gets a durable, glossy, UV resistant varnish finish on his boats. Chris went through all the different steps, as well as discussed the materials he uses from bare wood to the finish varnish coat. Details were explained about the use of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, stain, methods of sanding, cleaning, and the varnish application. It was a great educational workshop, and we thank Chris for his time and dedication to make this happen for the Chapter!

Nice heated garage, a table of food, a wood boat and our Chapter members….it doesn’t get any better than that!

Our instructor, Chris demonstrating the application of varnish, using the “roll & tip” method.

Here we see the application of CPES, Stain, and then varnish.

Chris’ Eltro, “Second Chance” … the educational focus of the workshop!

Chris shows members how the varnish lasts after a years exposure to the elements on his Eltro, “Stormy C.”. It looks like it just came out of the garage!

Everyone was greeted by “Sandy”, who checked in on the workshop periodically!



            Weeks Historic Boat Yard Tour, November 10, 2018

                              Weeks Boat yard has been in business since 1898 !

A wonderful event well attended, THANK YOU Kevin Weeks !

One of the oldest, Historical buildings on the property.

An original Weeks built skiff as viewed from the machine shop window.

Kevin (center) explaining about the machine shop and single belt driven equipment.

Main railway through building utilized to move large boats the traditional way.

Sliding jig on railway aides in moving boats to side work areas. Traditional system is simple & works extremely well !

Saving an old woodie with traditional, quality craftsmanship!

 Wood ribs need to be steamed for proper bending & Kevin shows us the steam box to complete that task !

Informal Buffet catered dinner in the shop was enjoyed by all

Thank you to ALL who helped to make this great event possible !

A sunny, windy day accompanied this event at the Bay Shore Marina parking area, and a fun time was had by all !

Setting up the club tent and members display of Antique engines !

A beautiful, rare Higgins boat !

1966 Century Resorter, Miss Moxie

Long Island born & raised. Eltro boats were primarily used on the Great South Bay serving as water taxis for Fire Island.

Watch out for the sharks on land !

Officers and members talking with Congressman Peter King; maybe they are attempting to get him to join ACBS !

1948 Chris Craft Sportsman and Eltro, “Stormy C”

Congressman Peter King with The Wiseman from 103.1 Max FM

Boat related rides for any age !

Always lending a helping hand !!! Thank you !!!

The Long Island Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society were featured guests at the Long Island Maritime Museum 27th Annual Seafood Festival held on the beautiful sunny weekend of August 25-26, 2018. Boats arrived by land & sea! More to come……

Long Island Chapter ACBS Dinner Meeting July 14, 2018

The Long Island Chapter of the ACBS held a successful and most enjoyable outside dinner meeting at 6PM on the grounds of the Long Island Maritime Museum in West Sayville, NY.  Initially there was to be a raft-up on the Connetquot River, then dinner at a local restaurant, unfortunately, the winds of fate shifted and both those events sank!  Boaters always have to be prepared for changes and obstacles, so we found a new venue (our thanks to Terry Blitman, Director if the LI Maritime Museum, for her help and suggestions), brought in an excellent caterer and had a marvelous time at the Museum.

The winds were steady at 18-20 mph that evening, and the white caps on the Great South Bay were unrelenting. Due to the shallow entrance to the marina area at the museum, only smaller boats can navigate in & out. Robert & Chris Almond braved the wind & waves and piloted Chris’ 17 foot, 1968 Eltro runabout from Babylon to West Sayville for the event. They arrived in time for the dinner, salt-soaked!  At least they were able to cool off after a hot summer’s day! A total of 16 members attended the event and it was a great evening of camaraderie, food & marveling about the bravery & skills of the Almond men to navigate the Eltro to the event. There was even a unique purse fashioned in the design of an old boat, brought by Jan Lowry.

A great evening was enjoyed by all thanks to the hard work and planning of the ACBS Officers.  We extend our thanks to everyone else who helped to make this event a success!

Some more Photo’s of the event!

Matthew Kleisler admiring the craftsmanship.
Robert and wife Judy
Gazebo at the museum where we had our dinner

Respectfully submitted by Jan Lowry, Vice President & Laura Almond, Secretary, Long Island Chapter ACBS

Previous event at the Maritime Museum in Honor of Priscilla’s Birthday….more information below…….

Chapter table & display boats
Old boats & good friends!
volunteers helping the youth with the boat kits
Our helpful & friendly club members
come join the fun, Pirates & all !
XL size cake!
Enough for all !
Birthday Girl !
Friendly Pirates
1957 Old Town

Priscilla’s “Berth-day” Party May 5, 2018 Long Island Maritime Museum, Sayville, NY 

Guests to this special “Berth-day” celebration are the Long Island Chapter Antique & Classic Boat Society !

Who is Priscilla ?????

On Saturday, April 7, 1888, Elisha Saxton launched his brand-new working sloop Priscilla into the Patchogue River. Saxton had built Priscilla for George Rhinehart of Lawrence, New York, who named the boat after his wife Priscilla. From 1888 to 1963, Priscilla was owned and operated by several oystermen from Connecticut and New York. During these many years, she experienced many changes. The oystermen spoke of “Pris” as a fast, able, “smart” boat and a “money maker” because, unlike other boats, she could dredge as well in light and heavy winds.

By 1963, the oyster beds were completely exhausted or covered with silt from storms and hurricanes of the previous decades. Priscilla was one of the last working sailboats to dredge the oyster beds north of the Chesapeake Bay.

From 1963 to 1976, Priscilla became a cruising sailboat, after much hull and interior restoration. Her owner John Woodside sailed Priscilla several times to the Bahamas and to Maine. In the early 1970’s, he schooner rigged her, copying the sail plan of the famous schooner America.

In 1976, John Woodside donated her to the Suffolk Marine Museum, which is known today as The Long Island Maritime Museum. As the largest vessel in our small craft collection, Priscilla has served as an effective goodwill ambassador. Since coming to the museum Priscilla has traveled the Great South Bay visiting various ports of call, and has participated in special regattas held for classic vessels. In 1986, she participated in the Parade of Tall Ships at the Salute to the Statute of Liberty Fourth of July Celebration in New York Harbor receiving featured television coverage by WABC-TV.

The restoration of the sixty-foot, 1888 oyster dredge Priscilla began in 2002 and was the largest restoration project to date at the Long Island Maritime Museum. Priscilla has been returned to her original design, a gaff-rig sloop. This vessel is the oldest and only sailing workboat to survive from the Great South Bay oyster fleet. Her hull is traditionally built in wood, which had been fiber-glassed over during a restoration in the late 1960s when she also was given a schooner rig.

Her dimensions are 60 feet in length overall, 40 feet on deck, with a 14 foot beam, and 4 foot 3 inch draft. In 2006 Priscilla was designated as a National Historic Landmark.


This was the first official gathering for the Long Island Chapter ACBS. We just had a few boats, and members assisted the Museum staff with helping children assemble boats from kits which were made at the Museum shop. There were Pirates, Cannons going off and a large sheet cake for the star of the party, Priscilla which was enjoyed by all ! Hope to see you at the next event !