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Our “Nuts & Boats” is one of our primary means of sharing information with Chapter Members. Do you have any stories, articles, photos you can share with other like minded boat enthusiasts? Examples….photos of you enjoying your boat, what are you working on?, what is your next project?, did you drop something in the bilge and it’s lost forever?, did you ever run out of gas or have a malfunction while boating? You get the idea….thanks in advance for your contributions.


Our President, Bob Williams received a warm welcome home after being released from the rehab facility in May….Corona Virus Survivor!!! Bob knew he had to get back on track for boating season! Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Thanks to one of our very generous members, Ralph Corsini, the Chapter will raffle off this vintage Fire Fighter boat model at an upcoming show! THANK YOU Ralph!


Mystery Boat….Does anyone know what manufacturer this boat is???

The Coronet is the closest hull design with the built in contour on the side that I’ve seen. Anyone have any ideas on this??? Boat was destined to be crushed, but it is now saved. -Jan Lowry, Mfgboats@gmail.com



Attached are several pages from the Chapter Roundtable meeting that took place on September 19, 2019 in Alexandria Bay. Do you as Long Island Chapter members have any insight on any of these topics? We would love to hear any suggestions you may have to share. Thank you in advance for your help!



A successful “Sea Trial” for the 1957 Old Town 15′ last week in summer 2019. She had not been in the water for over 30 years! Bilge pump worked well!


While at the doctors office the other day, saw this neat coat rack….made of oars & a life ring!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season & Happy New Year. For those of you who are not on Facebook, and have not already seen this, do you know what this is?? Santa brought it for me.

Hint….used in boat repair/restoration.


A vintage photo from back in the day….Bob Simon (checkered shirt) on a Higgens Boat, Candelwood Lake, CT


Nothing like a little “cosmetic surgery” to spruce up for the Holiday Season. My Doctor “Tom” is wonderful !!!   -Miss Moxie


Jennifer Chernow found this vintage photo of “Miss Winnipesaukee” while at an antique shop this summer. Looks like quite a boat! Anyone have any information on this?

If you go to a car show, bring your vintage BOAT for the complete retro look !!!!

Keels & Wheels display at the AACA Peconic Bay Region Show, Hallockville Farm Riverhead, NY September 2018. Spreading the word about our Long Island Chapter ACBS. Jan Lowry