My Story..


As a kid growing up on the south shore of Long Island in New York, many adventures seem to involve our outings on the water. My father owned a Croatian built 28 ft. double-ender sloop. Evenings, weekends and even a 2 week cruise around Long Island and New England we usual fair for at least the first 15 years of my life.

My personal adventure with my boat is a longing to capture some of the magic that once was. I loved sailing as a kid and for the longest time I wanted to do it again. My fathers boat was a solidly build hulk of wood and bronze and I could not accept the idea of owning a fiberglass boat. Scouring the internet when the desire would blossom, I ran across what seemed very familiar to me and decided to take a look at it. Within 2 months, I was the proud owner of the beauty below. A 23ft Croatian built double-ender. If that sounds familiar, it should. I later discovered that my boat was built in the same yard as my fathers back in the late 60’s. More than likely by the same craftsman.

Feel free to go to the sub menu links under my name to read the progressive history and developing adventure I am experiencing. Many photos also. 🙂 Enjoy!